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Miraculous Homemade Bath Powder With Natural Ingredients For Skin Lightening

Most of the time we spend a huge amount as body cleansers and body wash but very few of them works. Here instead of spending these sum of the amount on different body wash better to try some of our home remedies which will work superbly with no cost. This homemade formula help in improving skin health and brighten. Here are a few ways in which you can make bath powders using natural ingredients at home.

Miraculous Homemade Bath Powder With Natural Ingredients For Skin Lightening

Orange Peel Powder

Items needed :

Around 5-6 orange peels

Preparation :

Make Dry the orange peels around 5-7 days by keeping in sunlight.
after 7 days the peels are hard and will lose all moisture, grind them in a mixer. to make a peel powder
Store this in an airtight container and keep for 20 days in the refrigerator.
Take 2-3 spoon peel powder and mix with your bath water for every time before bath your body after joining it with milk and keep on for 25 minutes, before rinsing it off.
You can use this peel powder on a daily. Orange peel powder naturally consists of Vitamins which helps in maintaining skin health. Orange peel also helps in removing dead cells and gives you a new look.

Gram Flour, Green Moong bean Powder

Constituents :

½ cup gram flour (Besan)
½ cup green moong bean

How to Make :

with the help of grinder make a powder of moong bean and Gram flour. Then store in an airtight box in which can be stored for up to 10 days.
Now Take 3-4 spoons of this mixture for a pot of water, or practice this powder by mixing it with 3 spoons of yoghurt and devise on for 20 minutes before bath.
Here we need to know, Green moong bean flour has vitamin A and C content that helps protect skin cells. It also helps to lock in moisture and incite cell growth.

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