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Miraculous Home Made Fruit Face Pack To Make Your Skin Naturally Glowing

Fruits contain numerous vitamins and minerals that has a wonderful quality of fruits which is not only healthy when utilised inside but also do possess immense benefits when they are applied on the external skin. The anti-oxidants in them retain the skin lustrously and agile. It also contains anti-aging properties. Like Papaya, Orange, lemon, the banana ingests work miracles on your skin in particular. Ingredients containing these fruits for domestic facials are provided below.

Miraculous Home Made Fruit Face Pack To Make Your Skin Naturally Glowing
Orange Peel Face pack

  1. Orange skin powder – 2 spoon
  2. Milk or milk powder – 4 spoon/ 2 spoon
  3. Water – 4 spoon (if you use milk powder)
  4. Honey – 1 spoon
  5. Bowl – 1
  6. Take orange skin powder and mix all the components in the bowl.
  7. The paste should spread finely.
  8. Apply this paste on your face.
  9. Leave this paste for around fifteen minutes.
  10. After 15 minutes wash with normal water.
    This set can be practised to once in a week. Curd or yoghurt also substituted with milk/ milk powder.
    How this Paste works:
    Orange skin is good for oily skin plus it is a natural scrubber, which helps in lightening your skin and making it bright almost at once. Milk or curd carry natural fats having cleansing features and honey grasp the moisture of the skin.

Orange Juice Face Pack

  1. Orange Juice – 4 spoon
  2. Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth – 1 spoon
  3. Bowl (little) – 1
  4. Here you need to mix both the elements in a bowl to form a liberated paste.
  5. Apply this paste into your face and levelled nicely.
  6. Leave it until this paste become dry.
  7. After some time wash your face with normal water.

You can repeat this method once a week.
How this works:
Vitamin C is already in the orange juice. This set face pack is a boon for oily skin characters as Multani mitti and orange juice that eliminate excess oil from the skin. Orange juice also holds anti – ageing features because of the ascorbic and salicylic acid existing in it.

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