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Lemon Peel Weight Loss Drink smoothies

Weight Loss smoothies

Losing weight, most of the people believe not possible, Where some of the thinks it can be achieved only by the way of surgery or some operation. A very few people may believe to get this goal by different home remedies and drinks works. But no idea how to make and how to prepare all these remedies. (Lemon Peel Weight Loss Drink smoothies)

Now worry, Today in this post I will share with you secret of a magical weight lose drink. No-Diet, No-Exercise – Just Drink This Magical Water to Lose Weight.
I’m sure most of the reader will not believe because they tired many which were may not works for them. This is truly an amazing trick for accelerated weight loss, in just second week of daily use you can feel the disparity in your weight.

Lemon Peel Weight Loss Drink smoothies

How To Prepare The Weight Loss Drink:

To make this weight loss drink you will need simply 1 ingredient and this is lemon

  1. Take 4-5 lemons, clean them in drinking water
  2. Squeeze the juice of all lemons, separate seeds. Here you need all peel also so keep remember do not throw them out like trash.
  3. Further, In a pan take 2 litres of water. join lemon peel is this and boil the water for near about 30 minutes
  4. After 30 minutes, you need to filter this peels water
  5. Add the juice of lemon in this water
  6. Your weight loss drink is now ready, shift this drink to a bottle for further use and keep in a cool place.

Drinking Instruction:

You have to drink 1 glass of this resulted lemon juice water 1 hour before every meal.

You will surely observe the difference after regular use in your weight. Once you are satisfied in results do not forget to share with your friend’s circle and pin in your Pinterest account. (Lemon Peel Weight Loss Drink smoothies)

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Lemon Peel Weight Loss Drink smoothies

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