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How to Remove the Cholesterol Deposits Around Your Eyes

Xanthelasma is the medical term for cholesterol deposits which appear around the eyes. As the name infers, the condition is related to cholesterol and it usually symbolizes high cholesterol levels in the blood. No need to worry because it’s not dangerous, but it’s helpful to visit your doctor who can identify the problem. The deposits seem on the corner of the eyes and produce various size, shape or color.

Mostly these deposits are treated surgically if possible. But, surgeries are dangerous as they’re very close to the eye which at the end leave a nasty scar behind. Happily, there are various natural remedies which are most effective against the problem.

How to Remove the Cholesterol Deposits Around Your Eyes

The Main Possible Causes of Xanthelasma:

The deposits are the result of people with high cholesterol levels. Which commonly, cause from metabolic disorders, some sorts of cancer, diabetes and cirrhosis. All these health problems can increase the volume of cholesterol in the blood and cause the deposits to seem in the corners of your eyes.

Here are some of the highly recommended natural remedies against cholesterol deposits around the eyes:

  1. Using Almonds:
    Exactly, it comes in your mind how Almond? something as simple as almonds can actually limit the deposits from forming. Almonds can control your cholesterol levels and helps to prevent a variety of cardiovascular problems. It also works amazingly if you mix the almond powder with little milk and practice the paste around your eyes that will work great for long-lasting results.
  2. Drinking Orange Juice
    Fresh orange juice is a great performer to reduce high cholesterol levels, For better result, it is recommended to drink a glass or two every day.
  3. Using Coriander
    Prepare coriander seed tea and drink few cups per on a daily basis to defeat your cholesterol and prevent the deposits from rising.
  4. Practising Banana Peels
    Open up a banana and cut the peel into small pieces, then stick one on the deposits and tighten with a bandage. Leave it to penetrate for a few hours or better overnight and clean with water in the morning. Constant usage of the peels can affect the deposits disappear soon.
  5. Using Onions
    Squeeze an onion and mix-up the juice with a little salt, then practice a bit of the resulted mix-up on the deposits and leave it to work overnight. Clean with plenty of water in the morning, and make sure not to let the mix-up get into your eyes.
  6. Applying Castor oil
    The oil carries a synthesis which can simply melt the deposits. Just rub a bit on the corner of your eyes and they probably disappear soon.
  7. Using Fenugreek Seeds
    Dip a handful of fenugreek seeds in water overnight, then drink the fluid in the morning before taking your breakfast. Reform the method daily and the deposits will disappear soon.
  8. Practising ACV
    Apple cider vinegar is a famous natural remedy for a variety of diseases including cholesterol deposits around the eyes. Applying it will regulate your cholesterol levels and prevent the deposits from forming. You can also soak a cotton pad in the liquid and employ it on the affected area.

How to Remove the Cholesterol Deposits Around Your Eyes

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