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Green Tea Toner Diy Benefits Of Oily Skin

Green Tea Toner Diy Benefits Of Oily Skin

It’s common knowledge at this point that green tea is great for your health. But you can endure the benefits of green tea even if you’re not drinking it—if you’re ready to put it on your face, that is. And who better to describe the skincare interests of green tea than Marie Rayma, the founder of the DIY skincare and cosmetics blog Humblebee & Me. Part of what makes green tea so healthy is the fact that it’s loaded in antioxidants.

These antioxidants are excellent for skin because they “undertake free radicals caused by UV exposure, assisting reduce and even prevent damage,” Rayma explained in an email. But that’s not all. “Green tea is also anti-inflammatory, so it can serve with redness in the complexion,” she maintained.” Antibacterial catechins in green tea can help limit acne.

In-store you can find An excellent DIY Green Tea toner for the people who are always looking for an inexpensive way to improve your skincare regime, and who isn’t  Green Tea is stuffed with health benefits for skin including, lessens inflammation, boosts skin elasticity, defeat the appearance of pores and furnishes your skin a youthful glow. Next time when you make a cup a of green tea don’t forget to make a wonderful green tea toner too!

Ingredients  You To Prepare This Tea Toner:

  • 1 Tablespoon Witch Hazel ( you can easily find it in a drug store or Walmart by the rubbing alcohol)
  • One Green Tea Bag
  • 3 oz. Jar to store it in

Natural ingredients keep simply full of features that can better your skin look and feel fabulous, and many can be found right in your kitchen. How? these ingredients?

Practising With Witch Hazel

  • Limits oil production
  • Lessens pores
  • Promotes hydration

Using Green Tea

  • Helps skin look brighter & flawless
  • Lessens inflammation
  • Defeats the appearance of fine lines

 How To Use:

Apply with cotton balls or cotton rounds, practice to skin both morning & night after cleansing, follow with your favorite antitoxin and moisturizer. Should continue for about a month, note: if you notice a change in a scent I would discard it and make another batch.

Once you observe an excellent change in your skin don’t forget to share in your friend’s list and pint this trick to your Pinterest account.

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