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Sage.Gray Hair Regains Its Color and Teeth Become Whiter

Early Egypt uses one of an antique remedial plant known as sage. In the beginning, it was used to prevent blood loss wounds and for disinfection. It also used to treat common gastric diseases.
”There is no need of physician where sage is present in garden” it is told by a wise person and true fact also. Its presence in garden prevents the damaging effect of insect on a carrot, cabbage, strawberries, tomatoes and marjoram.
Desiccated sage leaves throw out insect when they located secretive in house. In phytotherapy and gastronomy, it leaves give fruitful outcomes and sage oil is also utilized in cosmetics. This Herb can do work efficiently particularly for good looking of our hair.

Gray Hair Regains Its Color and Teeth Become Whiter

Preparation and Use of Natural Remedy with sage;

Just take a half liter of water in a bowl and put 3-4 tbsp of chopped sage in it and retain it for 8-10 hour

After this strain the liquid. Before going to washing hair with shampoo make sure to clean hair with this decoction for obtaining the usual color and shine of hair.

This ready decoction is a place to one side and remaining sage after strain is boiling in a half litre of water for five minutes after that depart it for cooling and then strain this.

The resulted mix-up is about one liter after mixing above mentioned two straining liquids that apply inside (1-2 cups per day) or outside as a steam bath.
Combination of equivalent parts of black tea and sage prepared a decoction,

While in the same way is suggested for getting the usual black color of hair. It plays an important role to provide strength and shine to hair and also regain real color of hair.
If you do massage this herb on teeth then they become white and bright. Moreover, for cleaning oral cavity and fresh breath wash your mouth with tea sage.

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Sage.Gray Hair Regains Its Color and Teeth Become Whiter

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