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Flu Fighting Tea Recipe: All Natural & Effective

Flue most common health issue found mostly in the winter season. Some of us spend huge money to visit doctors. Flue Fighting Tea is ideal for fever, aches, pains, a wracking cough, or a sore throat. Seems like the flu to me! It’s never more fun to feel under the weather, but so many of the cold and flu remedies accessible are full of chemicals that you wouldn’t otherwise put in your body.

One of my favorite all-natural ways to feel healthier is to drink a big cup of honey lemon flu fighting tea. This is a formula that my husband has perfected over the years, it tastes great and it’s very efficient at soothing a cough and sore throat. Not only that, but the ingredients in this flu-fighting tea are also wonderful at fighting cold and flu symptoms at the root!

Flu Fighting Tea Recipe All Natural & Effective

For This Flu Fighting Tea

Start off by steeping a good quality, organic echinacea Flue Fighting Tea bag and some thin slices of fresh organic ginger root in some heated water. Then, mix in freshly pressed lemon juice and raw honey. Eventually, add the spices. Clove and cinnamon add a fine flavor to the tea, and a little cayenne pepper adds a zip! The great idea about these ingredients is that they not only make the flu fighting tea feel great, they also carry compounds that work to help you feel better…and get over the virus faster.

Before We Hop In

I practice this tea once I’ve already been hit with the sickness (grrrr). For serving to keep my immune system strong I take this immune promoter supplement (it costs a little more on Amazon). I like this particular product because it’s not just a bunch of fluff vitamins that we don’t require. It practices focused herbs particularly for immune support like organic reishi mushrooms, astragalus extract, echinacea powder, Andrographis and more. When I know that I’ll be below extra stress I combine the ImmuniPrime with a particular liquid “liposomal” vitamin c supplement for high absorption and utilization. When I want this, then it’s off to the tea

Benefits of Echinacea Tea For Cold and Flu:
Echinacea is a herb (Purple Coneflower, it’s quite pretty!) that is traditionally practised as a cold and flu remedy. Studies are mixed as to its effectiveness, but it has been shown to build white blood cells…which aids your immune system fight off germs.

Benefits Of Ginger For Fighting The Flu:
Ginger senses great with the lemon and honey, it also has many traits that help when you are feeling cold or the flu.

Ginger since long time use for improving upset tummies, it also carries a powerful painkiller and serves as an anti-inflammatory? It’s also managed to fight the upper respiratory woes that happen with colds and the flu.

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Flu Fighting Tea Recipe All Natural & Effective

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