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DIY Face Brightening Mask With Rice Flour and Honey

DIY Face Brightening Mask. This DIY face brightening mask is super easy to make the reason behind it only you require two ingredients! One of the reliable ways to get a bright, glowing semblance is to exfoliate, and rice flour is one of the excellent exfoliants you can practice. Rice flour is very economical to purchase and serves so much greater than store bought cleansers and exfoliants. Let’s examine out this DIY face brightening mask and take on the path to clearer, brighter skin!

What Is DIY Face Brightening Mask

Interests Of Use:
Rice flour is full of aminobenzoic acid, ferulic acid, and allantoin. Aminobenzoic serve as an astonishing sunscreen, protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, and boosts absorption of vitamin C. Ferulic acid is a typical anti-oxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory. The tiny, gentle granules of the rice flour exfoliate the skin, lifting dead skin cells and talking newer, younger looking and brighter skin.

Honey evens out skin tone due to its bleaching doer and consequently is an excellent item which works for acne scars, dark spots, and skin stains.

Collectively, these elements lightly cleanse the face, detoxifies it, defeats enlarged pores, and also limits acne and blemishes.
You will require the below mention items:

  • 2- Spoons rice flour
  • 3-Spoons honey

In a small pot, mix-up the rice flour and honey until it leads a malleable softness. You can add more honey if the compound is too hard to work with. Practice the mask over a cleansed face and devise it for 15 minutes. Later 15 minutes, start rubbing the mask into the skin in slow, circular propositions. Here you need to make sure to be tender around sensitive areas such as around the eyes.

Remove mask with a moist washcloth that’s remained dipped in warm water and then wash off with cold water.
Serve with a soft toner, such as rosewater, and further a light moisturizer. Practice the DIY face intensifying mask at least 2-times a week to lightly exfoliate, get rid of acne and pimples, and reveal clear, bright, glowing skin.

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